We have a lot of know-how which we can put to good use. We conduct experiments and come up with our own solutions.

Wavemyth™ Workstream

We're continuously working on our internal mega-tool for managing and further evolving our company.

Wavemyth™ Baseline

Soon launching a solution for generating frontend starter kits which align with SMACSS methodology.

Wavemyth™ Styleguard

We're soon launching our own flavor of SMACSS methodology which aims to support large projects.

Wavemyth™ Conduit

Working on our very own Frontend Framework which momentarly powers our own products and websites.

Wavemyth™ Horizon

We're developing a solution for easy ticket management for small scale projects.

Wavemyth™ Infinipic

We're developing an avatar generator service which gives users the ability to customize and share their avatars.